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i’ve been having a very very unhappy not good night (that’s lasted a couple months now) so im trying to cheer myself up by drawing happy shappeys


North American River Otters

The Blue Angels are coming back to Hawaii in September.

This is when I get closest to my inner Martin Crieff.


I’ve been here!!!


I’ve been here!!!

I never know what to say about these…
Thank you so much! I love sharing them with all of you.
Thank you so much.

I never know what to say about these…

Thank you so much! I love sharing them with all of you.

Thank you so much.


a younger Captain Richardson aka hot dad pilot aka never ask me to draw hands

you-know-nothing-of-javert replied to your post “Overboard”

As someone living in a city nicknamed “sailing city”, I enjoy this AU very much! But… but… Carl…? :(

I’m glad you liked the AU! I’m fond of it too.

My apologies about the angst. (It’s been that kind of fic day.)

The ocean’s big though. Martin can’t rescue him but maybe someone else can.


(AU: nautical!AU

This AU was first credited by the lovely anon who wrote Glow and Pleased. I hope you don’t mind me trying it out, anon.)


"Man overboard!"

Every available hand, including Captain Martin Crieff and Chief Mate Douglas Richardson, raced to the deck at the sound of the distress call, crowding around Phil and Terry leaning over the port side of the ship.

"What happened?" Martin asked.

"Who is it?" Douglas questioned.


Martin’s heart seized at Phil’s answer. It took all of his self-control to keep panic from showing on his face. He pat his pockets down, looking for his telescope, hastily pulling it out of his coat and searching the water. He found Carl nearing the stern, treading water, trying to keep his head above the waves.

"He and Dave were repairing the crack in the hull," Phil explained, working with Terry to pull a long length of rope out of the water. "Dave had just come back up when a wave crashed into the ship and swept Carl off the ropes."

Everyone made room for Terry to swing the weighted end of the rope around before casting it back into the ocean. Although one of the best arms on the ship, Terry’s throw still landed a long way from Carl. He struggled to swim for it, the waves working tirelessly to keep them apart.

"Pull up the sails," Martin ordered. "We have a better chance of reaching him if we stop moving."

"Hoist the sails!" Douglas shouted, spurring various crew members into action.

"Get him back aboard this ship now,” Martin said, pointing forcefully at Phil and Terry.

"That’s what we’re trying to do, Sir."

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reunion hug in newcastle???

preux-chevalier replied to your post: Share a Coke AU: Person A casually off…

ok but what if Person B then offered Person A a pepsi

I think that’s the end of that relationship.

Kidding! Although that would certainly throw a curve into their Coke courtship.

Great love can conquer any divide. ^_~